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ComedySportz welcomes those in the media to contact us any time you are interested in writing a story about our company, living as an expatriate, or the improv and theater community in Berlin. ComedySportz has been featured in many local, national and international outlets, including newspapers, radio, television and online.

NPR Radio

Hear Monika Kroll for NPR Berlin catching up with ComedySportz on the airwaves recently. click here


USA Today

"The perfect release...innovative, participatory and hilarious."


Sports Illustrated

" increasingly artful and popular form of stage entertainment."


LA Times

"A savvy band of improvisers...the silliness was infectious!"


The Christian Science Monitor

"Quick, cool, zany and consistently inventive... the result is non-stop fun, unique among today's comedy offerings."


“They’re really good at their stuff – whether it’s miming their way through a desert or selling a cow on E-bay using the medium of interpretive dance”


LA Weekly

"Be prepared to scream with laughter at ComedySportz."


Orange County Register

"At ComedySportz, the audience is the winner!"