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Improv Comedy Workshop Classes

ComedySportz is proud to announce partnership with Hive Improv.
All future short form improv classes will be taught through by Hive Improv teachers.



Short Form Improv with Nicole Ratjen - starting Jan. 17, 2016

Well known to fans of ComedySportz Berlin and the tv show Whose Line is it Anyway?, short form is made up of quick improv games that put players in unpredictable situations. This course will emphasize basic improv skills and scene work to give you an introduction to improv and a solid foundation in short form games.

The Truth of the Scene with Noah Telson - starting Jan. 18, 2016

A return to the basics of solid improv play (comedic or dramatic), this course emphasizes playing in the moment and without thought, staying calm and natural on stage, listening intensely to every detail coming from your scene partner, and making simple, strong choices. An excellent choice for the absolute beginner or advanced players looking to hone their improv skills.

Harold & Game with Josh Telson - starting Jan. 16, 2016

The core longform and certainly the most popular in North America, made famous by the Upright Citizens Brigade, Second City, Key & Peele, and so many more, the Harold is a fast paced, structured form that focuses on a purely comedic approach to improv. Students will learn the rules of using Game to bring focus to scenes, clarity to scene partners, and heightening a game to its most hilarious point.

Free preview workshops are available starting Jan. 9, 2016 - for more info go to
All courses take place in English at the Comedy Café Berlin.



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