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ComedySpricht workshops utilize comedy improvisation techniques to teach English.

The format follows a 'Communicative Approach' to language learning, combining grammar, vocabulary-building and skill-set development with role-playing exercises and games.

By focusing on English's playfulness and flexibility, the learner develops his voice, gathers more confidence and increases his fluency.

ComedySportz™ workshops are available in a variety of formats and can be tailored to suit your needs and budget.

1. Introductory Class

A two-hour introduction to improv comedy wherein the student is exposed to a variety of techniques and exercises.

2. Short Program

A series of three or six two-hour classes that further explore the techniques and exercises presented in the Introductory Class.

3. Extended Program

A series of 12 two-hour classes that provide in-depth instruction about the techniques and exercises needed to become a good improviser.

ComedySpricht is perfect for International Schools, English 'Clubs' in the German school system and for workshops in Berlin's language schools.

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