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Brian Kapell

Brian KapellExecutive Director/ Big Cheese Brian has been performing improvisational comedy since 1985, as one of the founding members of ComedySportz in Madison Wisconsin, led by Dick Chudnow. After founding ComedySportz- Washintgton D.C in 1988, he built the Laughing Lizard Lounge Comedy Club there in 1989. 'Dedicated to Weird Fun,' he offered 13 shows a week of alternative comedy and live music. He founded 'CSz Berlin' in 2004, when it was originally called Laugh Olympics up until 2009. Brian trains the Acting Company, and runs the CSz General Operations. Brian is also the CEO/ Fou

Noah Telson

Noah TelsonNoah has been improvising since 6th grade, when he forgot all about his science fair project and made it up on the spot.  He studied drama at Purchase College and has performed on stage and in front of the camera.  He can be seen around Berlin performing regularly with ComedySportz and long-form with the Good Luck! Barbara! Him and his brother also have a monthly radio show: piffle! It's a hoot. Noah is the artistic associate for ComedySportz Berlin. Email him at Visit his page. Follow him on Twitter (@Telsonia)

Reinaldo Pinto-Almeida

Reinaldo Pinto-AlmeidaBorn and raised in Lisbon the Indo-Portuguese director, writer and editor studied Philosophy in Lisbon and later in Paris. He then moved to Mumbai, India where he stayed before moving to Berlin where he is currently residing. He works as a freelance filmmaker in various departments and studies at the Film University Babelsberg Konrad Wolf. Along with his fellow Producer Urs Kind he formed the Almeida/Kind Gbr Production for his web series Das Apartment in which many CSZ players have starred and/ or appeared. In his “spare” time he performs improvised theatre with CSZ Berl

Josh Telson

Josh TelsonJosh was born on January 26th, 1925. He served three years in the Navy during WWII. After moving to New York, he began a long and distinguished career in the theater and films as an actor. A passionate race car driver, Josh also started his own organic food company in 1982. Wait, no, I'm thinking of Paul Newman.

Edoardo Binda

Edoardo BindaDespite being Italian, Edoardo speaks English understandably and is able to behave in public occasions. After leaving Milan he spent two years in Rotterdam and later found his way to Berlin, where everyday he wakes up convinced that sooner or later clean energy will take over the planet. Loud talker, aspiring pianist, keen traveller, avid smiler, Edoardo loves music and disapproves of bureaucracy. Some say he invented November.

Nicole Ratjen

Nicole RatjenNicole grew and grew until she was so tall she soon realized that dimensions and size of the island that she knew as home in Canada were too small. So, she swam, surfed, sailed and flew to a bigger land mass with more people. Fascinated by the world around her she studied people and there odd behavorial traits in Toronto and Paris by devising, acting, clowning, playing and recreating all this inspiration on stage. Nicole's love for Improv started back when a visitor came to her island, telling stories of how theatre could be a sport. In seek of this so called sport, Nicole decked out in h

Küb Varol

Küb VarolKüb has been doing improv for 7 years. In Istanbul they were with Mahser-i Cümbüs/Hayal Meal for 6 years. After following love to Berlin a year ago, Küb joined up with Comedysportz. English is not their first language, as you may have already noticed. In the meantime, Küb is trying to be an actor even though they have a Bachelor's in Industrial Product Design. It's really hard. Like really. If you were wondering why Küb is referred to as "they", it's because Küb is a non-binary person and their preferred pronoun is "the

Nacho Sanguinetti

Nacho SanguinettiNacho is our own Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde. He is a scientist by day and actor/monster by night, and who knows what else after midnight! He was born in the small piece of South American farmland called Uruguay. In his homeland he studied Science and Theatre and has enjoyed both facets of his life ever since. He is trained in theater, improv, musical theater and clowning. In 2014 he moved to Berlin to conduct his PhD in Neuroscience. Currently, he is improvising in English with Comedy Sportz and in Spanish with Berlin ES Impro. He has recently lost 30kg. He's generous enough that if you find

Mathieu Pelletier

Mathieu Pelletier After starting to improvise with 13 years old in Trois-Rivières, Qc, Mathieu Pelletier got slowly dragged by the mysterious berliner magnet passing through Montreal, Paris, Barcelona and Brussels. In Berlin, he performs in ATZE Musiktheater, the webserie "Das Apartment" on Youtube and Comedy Sportz, experiencing the drama of being mostly funny when that actually wasn't a joke... 

Chris Rock

Chris Rock Chris was born and raised in Southern California in a family that loved comedy. His father had taken an improv class and knowing how much fun it was Chris grew up wanting to do the same. He got his chance in 2008 at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in Los Angeles. Soon after, he discovered the quickly growing Miles Stroth Workshop where he received most of his formative experience. Chris played with Miles Stroth on English Speaking Moose (Skander Halim, Stephen Ji, Markeia McCarty, Keith Saltojanes) at iO West for over a year. He was also on Master Sword (Brian Burton,&

Edvard Lammervo

Edvard LammervoEdvard “Edvard Lammervo” Lammervo is a Finnish man from Finland. He got into acting already as a teenager to get some attention, and carried on as an adult too to avoid real jobs. Edvard even studied performing arts in Helsinki. During those five years he learned that body hair is contagious. Edvard escaped his student loan debt to Berlin in August 2013. He got to join ComedySportz soon after and has been seen acting to sweat on the stage regularly ever since. Edvard is very good at acting to sweat. Sometimes Edvard is also acting to be a writer, director, dancing bear or a postman

Blake Worrell

Blake Worrell From working on movies in the late 90's with the renowned Roger Corman, in Los Angeles, to coming to Europe and playing over 10 years with his internationally acclaimed puppet hip-hop group "The Puppetmastaz", aquiring over 18 different character voices on his own.  Blake Worrell, has prooved himself influential in the music arena, as well as the cinematic realm.  Now, he's mixing up the elements and having lots of fun doing it with his peers!  You never know which versions of him you'll catch at a show.

Nathaly Leduc

Nathaly LeducNathaly Leduc is a Brazilian international performer based in Berlin and a graduate from the prestigious Ècole Philippe Gaulier in France. Nathaly has has worked as a stage and screen actress in Brazil having stared at MTV and in many roles at Theater Heleny Guariba, under the direction of Dulce Muniz a former Augusto Boal student. At the moment she is  producing, writting and acting on her one woman comedy solo show "Shayne's Mom on Tour" which will be seen this year at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. In Berlin she is currently a player at the ComedySportz acting company and p

Jessica Rohmann

Jessica Rohmann Clinical epidemiologist researching neurovascular diseases by day, wannabe-comedian by night, Jess returns to the stage in Berlin after a few years’ hiatus. As a true public health advocate, Jess’ ultimate goal in joining the Berlin CSz team was to make you laugh, because research shows it’s good for your vascular health (seriously… see here and here. She also joined in an attempt to maintain her (in)sanity while working toward her PhD and to prove that nerdy scientists can be funny, too. Jess grew up in Wisconsin, home to ‘That 70’s Show’, one of th

Katja Gerz

Katja GerzKatja is an American-German actress and comedian born in Hamburg. She starred in several movies and series like ‘’Law & Order’’ (NBC), ‘’Ballet’’ (RBB) and has started doing Stand Up in 2011 in NY. Katja studied improv at UCB in NY and LA and now lives in Berlin where she performs 5 nights a week in both German and English. She recently recorded a stand up set for Audilble for the Podcast "Comedy Cafe Live" . She also loves jello and is super excited to be part of the Comedy Spotz team. 

Matilde Keizer

Matilde Keizer Matilde aka MatildAH, aka MatildEH, aka Mati, Matil, Tilden and Tilly was born in Rome, to a German father and an Italian mother, but due to her very American accent people tend not to believe her. She has been known to whip out her ID from time to time. Matilde trained at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts, where she was often seen sweating profusely in her extensive movement classes. Now she can be seen sweating profusely in her travelogue webseries, “On-Going with Matilde Keizer,” on stage with ComedySportz and Guillotine, or over a hot stove of sizzling food.

Damien Warren-Smith

Damien Warren-Smith Damien grew up in Australia which is near New Zealand. He trained as an actor in Sydney before moving to London where he worked in theatre and TV for ten years. In January 2016 he moved to Berlin because London sucks. He spends most of his time these days touring with his theatre company Plague of iDiOTS to festivals around the world.

Marisa Llamas

Marisa Llamas The idea to move to Berlin was first born when a French film professor accused Marisa and her classmates of being lazy sh*ts who would not be able to keep up with the Berlin film scene in which 300 movies were being made in a year, in a place where rooms with 30ft ceilings were only 300 euros a month. Marisa, having recently read some Chuck Palahniuk, thought she would move to Berlin, make films, make love, get lost for days in warehouse parties, and emerge phoenix like from her own ashes. 4 years, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Berkeley later Marisa moved to Berlin where she is not currently

Cathy Walsh

Cathy WalshCathy Walsh is a performer from Ireland, based in Berlin, and more often nomadic. She studied theatre, & dance performance, and has a random set of other unrelated skills. She’s interested in following the pleasure of improvisation (both dance & comedy).  She is currently working on a project about Foley, which means she handles more vegetables on a daily basis than a vegan at the Turkish market.

Ela Cosen

Ela Cosen Ela Cosen was born and raised in Berlin. Thanks to Comedy Sportz she is finally tackling her „Neuköllnophobia“ - a common condition among Kreuzberg-natives. She left her beloved home for the metropolis of Bielefeld to study sociology. She kept moving, from Singapore to Bordeaux, to finally pursue her doctoral studies with a Fulbright scholarship in the USA. She came back to Berlin not quite a doctor but an actress from the Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre. Since her return form New York City she performed for various theatres like the Volksbühne Berlin and Sch

Katya Tasheva

Katya TashevaKatya was born on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria on the brink of the fall of Communism.  She did what any other kid of that time did and embraced the weirdness of that time. So she grew up singing along to Disney songs and Metallica, Bulgarian turbofolk music and the Spice Girls, watching Dexter's Laboratory and The Three Fools, Tom and Jerry and Nu Pogodi (the big bad, cigarette smoking, alcohol drinking, tanktop wearing wolf who wants to get his hands on the pretty rabbit schoolboy, yeah, best Russian cartoon ever!). And in this sensory overload of Western Easternness (it's a