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The History of ComedySportz

ComedySportz MarquisA long and glorious history

ComedySportz was started in 1984 in Milwaukee, WI, by Dick Chudnow, who based it on the competitive Theatresports improvisational techniques of Keith Johnstone from Calgary, Alberta. Expansion began with the addition of Madison, WI, in 1985. This team included Brian Kapell, the producer of CSz Berlin. The first Comedy League of America National Tournament was held in 1988, with 10 teams participating. The World Comedy League now has grown to over 20 teams, including a team in Chorley-Manchester, U.K.


Berlin's team actually began performing in 2005, under the name 'Laugh Olympics,' at Spirit Yoga Berlin. The show transferred to the Kookaburra Comedy Club in September 2008. Over the years, players have come from Canada, USA, England, Australia, New Zealand, and Germany. The name change to ComedySportz occurred in February 2010, after receiving official approval from the World Comedy League at the 25th Anniversary National Tournament in July 2009.


World Comedy League: ComedySportz Berlin is a member of the World Comedy League and one of over 20 ComedySportz cities in the USA and Europe. We meet annually for the World Comedy Championships.


Some of the newer members of the WCL are New York, NY; New Orleans; Chapel Hill, NC and Manchester, UK. We are like a germ, only funnier.


Team owners of the World Comedy League meet annually to establish rule changes, trade players and vote on important ComedySportz-related issues. We are proud that ComedySportz has not suffered the strikes and lockouts plaguing other professional sports. This is attributed partially to our forward-thinking, longstanding labor agreement, but mostly to the fact that we're pretty friendly people.

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