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Organised by the World Comedy League, the governing body for ComedySportz through out the world.


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Two teams of "act-letes" compete for audience laughs and points while improvising scenes, games, operas and musicals based on audience suggestions. This is cutting-edge theatre created on stage, in real time. There’s nothing like a ComedySportz match!


A referee calls fouls and keeps the match moving at a blistering pace. The audience is always a part of the interactive show, giving suggestions for every game, voting for the winners and sometimes even winding up on stage!


ComedySportz is:

* Fun

* Fast-paced

* Live

* Current

* Interactive

* Hilarious

* Berlin’s only professional English improv troupe


ComedySportz is performed in many cities around the USA, in the UK, and now in Berlin.

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What is improv comedy?

Unlike "Standup Comedy" in which one performer tells pre-planned jokes to the audience, improvisational comedy involves a whole group of performers making up scenes and playing games on the spot based on audience suggestions.

What is a ComedySportz match like?

A ComedySportz match features two teams of comedy "act-letes" competing for laughs and points, with a referee keeping things moving and calling fouls. An average of seven to twelve games are played during a match, drawn from a repetoire of over a hundred improv games. In "Shakespeare" a team will improvise a scene inspired by an audience suggestion in Shakespearian style. In "Elimination Rap" players will create a rap on the spot, trading off each other's phrases, getting thrown out if they fall off the meter, fail to rhyme or get too def. In "Forward/Reverse" the referee sends the scene back and forth at will, as though scanning a scene in a VCR, sending the actletes into a frenzy. Every show is different, with different players, different games, and different audiences supplying new suggestions.


Think you've got what it takes to improv? Well, chances are you do! Learn improv the ComedySportz way from the most experienced improv teachers in Berlin. Plus, it’s some of the most fun you’ll ever have in a class.

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Who should I bring to ComedySportz?

Unlike most other forms of performance comedy, ComedySportz is great for all ages. The audience of a typical ComedySportz match contains everyone from kids to college students to parents to grandparents. Everyone has a good time and no one gets offended, and if an actlete steps beyond the boundaries of good taste, the "brown bag foul" (a brown paper sack placed over the offending player's head) will be called to set things straight. If you think "clean" is boring, you owe it to yourself to check us out. It's anything but boring.


ComedySpricht workshops utilize comedy improvisation techniques to teach English as a foreign language.

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History of CSZ

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Meet the Players

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The Players

Corporate Training

Hire us for your business. ComedySportz™ is perfect for training your employees in a group setting.  

We specialize in teambuilding, applied improvisation and public speaking.

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