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Team Building

Our workshops are engaging, interactive, meaningful and entertaining. We showcase and analyze the elements that make improvisation successful, then provide empowering applications. Plus, our right-brained approach gives all attendees a memorable experience laughing as much as learning.

We offer small steps and big steps. Every program is customized to fit your objectives and your group - your group may be a large or small company, department, church, school, non-profit or association. Some of the areas we've covered are:

• Basic Team-Building, New Business Group, Post-Downsizing
• Team-Building for Multiple Worksite Groups
• Risk-Taking
• Communications
• Customer Service
• Focus
• Learn about each other - we've built a great gameshow system to help your team get to
know their teammates better
• Meeting Kickoffs - Energize your big get-together
• Your idea - bring us a challenge - we'll construct a session or sessions that meet your
issues head-on.