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Team Building

Our workshops are engaging, interactive, meaningful and entertaining. We showcase and analyze the elements that make improvisation successful, then provide empowering applications. Plus, our right-brained approach gives all attendees a memorable experience laughing as much as learning.

We offer small steps and big steps. Every program is customized to fit your objectives and your group - your group may be a large or small company, department, church, school, non-profit or association. Some of the areas we've covered are:

• Basic Team-Building, New Business Group, Post-Downsizing
• Team-Building for Multiple Worksite Groups
• Risk-Taking
• Communications
• Customer Service
• Focus
• Learn about each other - we've built a great gameshow system to help your team get to
know their teammates better
• Meeting Kickoffs - Energize your big get-together
• Your idea - bring us a challenge - we'll construct a session or sessions that meet your
issues head-on.

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Public Speaking

In our workshops, we address public speaking by accomplishing these goals:
• Getting past stage fright and Public Speaking fears
• Gain public presence, winning the attention of a room
• Brain tune up, getting focus from the here and now
• The art of ad lib, even if PowerPoint stalls, you won't
• Getting up, performing a short set, with laughs
• Creating new networking opportunities

Public speaking can be daunting, but it needn't be. ComedySportz™ Berlin's Public speaking workshops are multi-faceted and challenging, teaching you tips and tricks that will help you develop a voice and presence to hold any room and become an extension of your own personality.

All Public Speaking workshops are taught by professional working comics, with several years commercial comedy club experience.

All participants receive personal feedback and notes on development.

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Tailor-Made Workshopz

We offer Workshops for many different purposes. We can design a course plan to meet your needs and provide a professional and valuable service to your organization.

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