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For over 25 years, ComedySportz™ teams have been performing for companies, universities, and more!


We will custom build a show for your group, clean or edgy but always funny. No matter the event you’re planning, we’ve got something perfect for you!


Invite ComedySportz™ to be the entertainment for your:


• Company retreat or holiday party

• Team building event

• Employee or client appreciation event

• Campus entertainment and programming

• Orientation

• School event

• Awards banquet

• Family gathering


• And more...


To book us now or for more information send an email to

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Hear what the fanz are saying!

“Hilariously funny improv show – a MUST for every advanced English class! Students will improve their English by being exposed to great humour, swift dialogues, absurd stories, and awe-inspiring acting!”
–Regina Weber-Bernardo (Teacher, Johann-Gottfried-Herder Gymnasium)

“I liked the show, because ...
- it was very entertaining and funny
- the actors were creative and spontaneous
- it was like a musical =) --> I really love musicals
- very good improvisation of the music
- mixed group =)
- actors were not afraid of looking ridiculous”
–Irina M.

“First of all I want to say that I really enjoyed your performance. I was delighted about every match because you were so fanciful and full of ideas. So I was completely astonished. You just made my day. To my mind you did a very good job. I couldn’t stop laughing. Keep it up! I could watch your show every day.”
–Kurdo Doski

“What I particularly liked about the show was that the comedians spontaneously improvised everything they’ve said and how they managed to create a good atmosphere. I hold these guysin high esteem because of their talent making everyone laugh during the show. Everything was enjoyable about it: the changing tasks they had to face, the solidarity, the involvement of the audience (making everyone being a part of it) and every joke - however small. Sometimes, if you are not a native speaker, it was hard to understand every single word; but this was not necessary: It was great fun anyways. I recommend this experience to everyone.”
–Alexandra John

“I have to admit this was one of the funniest shows I have ever seen. Once I saw a similar show like yours but what their and your show both have in common is that you involve the audience. I really liked that a lot. In addition, I was fascinated by your ability to use random words to make a good show and I really enjoyed that evening.
Keep on being funny!”

“Es war mir ein Vergnügen. Es war eine besondere Herausforderung, die Künstler auf die Schnelle in die Neurowissenschaften einzuarbeiten. Das ist Ihnen bestens gelungen. Mein persönlicher Lieblingsgag war squeezing a cell in the petri dish."
–L. Steiner, Charite